Accent Reduction Rhythm & Melody Part 1 (Live Online)


Now enrolling for Spring course:

Days/Times: Thursdays 10-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm EST

Location: Online via Zoom

Course cost: $219 by , $249 after (includes access to video course & practice materials)

This is a high-intermediate to advanced level English speaking class for those with a moderate to heavy accent in English. You will need to provide a speech sample before being admitted. If you have very little accent, please contact Nicole for other course options.

This course focuses on the rhythmic and melodic aspects of American English speech, such as the use of stress in words and sentences, using contractions and reductions, grouping words and pausing, connected speech, pitch and more. In addition, master your personal difficult sounds like R, L, V, Th, etc.

Class is limited to 5 participants, so you have lots of in-class practice time, error correction and feedback on your speech.  And there’s plenty of opportunity to get all your English pronunciation questions answered.

Commitment: You must be able to commit to doing the homework before coming to class. You can expect about 5 hours per week of homework outside of our class meeting to include watching video lessons, daily listen & repeat practice, and preparing speaking assignments.

Course includes: personal accent assessment testing & report, access to the online Rhythm & Melody of American English part 1 class, workbook and daily listen &repeat audio practice.